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1 cat 2019 format 6.25x11.25 couverture

You will have the honor and the privilege of riding in a period correct jeep on trails of Normandy, the very place where the jeep evolved in June of 1944. The jeep provides us with an incomparable tool to evoke emotion and awaken the senses. The unmistakable sight and sounds of the Willy’s jeep better known as the Go-Devil will complete the sensation of authenticity. You will become an actor borrowing time in this realistic and live museum.

The local architecture of Normandy instantly immerses you in the past. Not much has changed in this area since June 6, 1944. Every palatial estate has its history that the owners are happy to tell their stories while welcoming you warmly. Many of these historical residences were requisitioned during the Nazi occupation, and the narratives of battles to drive out the enemy are very interesting and unique.

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