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Why choose D-day Memory Tour?


D-day Memory Tour is the only Tour Operator company that offers you the opportunity to visit Normandy and all her Historical WWII places in a very unique way.

Because D-day Memory Tour organizes Tours only with very small groups from 8 to 16 people means you won’t never be in a bus filled with tourists.

In that way, you always will have very caring people around you from the D-day Memory Tour friendly team always very receptive to your needs.

The tour team will be the same from your arrival to Normandy to your departure from Paris.

We focus to make you bring back memories to turn your tour into the “vacation of a lifetime”


What do I eat? Can I have a special dietary?


Every evening you will have an excellent diner in the best restaurants of the area. About particular diet because we are in charge of making the reservation by ourselves and because we speak French this is very easy for us to explain what you want, want you need and what you absolutely don’t like!

All the restaurants we work with are top rated among the French restaurateurs.


Can I talk with previous guests who have taken your tour?


Not only you can do it but you should! They were so happy during their stay with us in Normandy that they want to come back!

Without any doubt, our previous guests are the best ambassadors for us to speak about D-Day Memory Tour!

What do you suggest I watch or read before the Tour?


“Band of Brothers” series

 specially the first 3 episodes focus on the airborne side D-Day invasion, first the preparation and training, then D-Day with the attack on the German gun battery at Brecourt Manor exactly where we will take you.

 In the third episode, the objective is to widen and link up the bridgeheads culminating in the attack on Carentan and the subsequent German counter attack.

“No better place to die” by Bob Murphy also Movie trailer on Youtube about this sadly well-known bridge “La Fiere” called probably the “bloodiest small unit struggle in the experience of American arms”.

“D-Day with the Screaming Eagles” George Koskimaki


Do you have a payment plan? 


Yes, you can discover it on our terms and conditions here.


Are Tips Already Included?


The tour price includes tips for all aspects of the tour that are pre-arranged by D-day Memory Tour, such as nights in Chateaux (or at the reenactment camp) restaurants and other services.

What is the amount of luggage we can take?

We recommend one suitcase per person with a maximum of 50 lbs.

As we provide your uniform during your stay you won’t need so much clothes.


How I do I get a passport or visa?

For information about U.S. passports and visas go to:

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