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With D-DAY MEMORY TOUR, you will experience an unforgettable adventure. Immersed in the heart of Normandy, in the region of Sainte-Mere-Eglise, you will travel back in time during the liberation of Europe in the summer of 1944. With your guides quipped with the same uniforms as the American soldiers wore the day they landed on the coast of France, you will re-live their amazing journey using the supplies they were given. Your platoon will travel by Jeep, the very same Jeeps that were used during the war and technical support will be present at all times.

Enlist In Small Platoons

Let's go with us using original path way, wearing replica of paratrooper uniform, spent night on same places like in June 1944, feeling the sensation and emotion, living in a French landscape, small group of 8 persons, using jeeps and period vehicules.

Normandy is the best place for immersion for the World War Two passionnated people. The French hedgerows, the small corn fields, the villages still with fighting traces, all remain the same. While driving your jeeps, in your paratrooper uniform, and not meeting modern vehicules for long period of time, the tiny roads surrounded by giant hedgerows will push you back into the past ... and we know your imagination will do the rest ... you'll get the thrill.

Details of services included

6 Nights in historical places, Castel, Manor, Farm

  we can arrange a 1-night Bivouac on demand.


6  typically and tasty breakfast.

6 Lunch restaurant and picnic, without alcohol.

6 Dinner with drink 2 glasses of wine/pers. included.


  • Ground transportation Jeep include, with gas

  • Truck mechanical assistance

  • Logistical support

  • Material for bivouacs and camp, first aid kit

  • Entries Museums

  • Guides platoon leader full time

  • transfer Paris Normandy Paris, Train

  • WIFI in room and out by mobile Wi-Fi hotspot

  • We speak English, French, 


Authentic Places

D-Day memory Tour gives you the unique opportunity to discover Normandy in a very particular way. We invite you to join us in this adventure which takes place in the beautiful Cotentin Peninsula, in Normandy. It is a land full of history, full of beautiful places such as old castles, manors and historical farms, and a land where many hidden treasures can be found.

Bringing you on those special lands and touring you around in historical vehicles and arranging an authentical stay for you is our way to immerse you in this area, the same area our liberators came to in June 1944.

What we have to offer is the best way for you to travel back in time.

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